About Sharp

This blog is for you. It’s all about the Air You Breathe, the Food You Eat and the Drink You Drink. We believe to truly enjoy Simply Better Living, it requires an awareness of all three. Which is why we have curated a community and resources to better enable this vision. Within our pages you will find rich and fresh content including, but not certainly not limited to:

Recipes: Cooking should be fun, creative, healthy and locally or internationally inspired – but most importantly, delicious! Whatever your heart and taste buds are craving, we’ve curated a blend of our favorites to share with you.

Air quality tips and resources: Every year we spend hundreds of dollars on health and fitness to strengthen our muscles, fuel our bodies with organic superfoods and get the best exercise equipment. But what about investment in the air we breathe? The air inside of our homes and workplaces can be 5X more polluted than the air outdoors, but there are steps we can take to breathe easier everyday.

Share a cup of matcha with us: Whether it’s served iced or hot, tea is not only refreshing, but also filled with many benefits that will bring out your inner tranquili-TEA! Authentically enjoyed – the way it’s intended, matcha means more than just mixing a tasty powder, it’s a moment for reflection, respect and deeper meaning.



Our Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Peter Weedfald, on Total Retail Talks  discussing everything from how traditional brick-and-mortar retailers can compete in today’s digital retail environment to Sharp’s brand mantle of Simply Better Living.

In Peter’s own words At Sharp we differentiate ourselves by selling the dream of ‘Simply Better Living’,meaning our products are simple to use, better than the competition and focus on living a healthy lifestyleOur goal at Sharp is not to sell the cold steel of a microwave but the dream of sitting on your couch enjoying popcorn and a movie.”  

For more of Peter’s insights and to listen to the full podcast click the link above!